Scott Ferguson





To follow a passion and be passionate about following it through

Helping a person, a business, a non-profit to tell their story is a privilege.  It allows entry into a world where listening becomes both the challenge and ultimate joy.  Being able to share those experiences has certainly enriched my life and trying to impart that to a wider audience is the goal of every project.



Having the flexibility to approach a project on my own or with an amazing group of talented artists located at Big Club Hall is one of the client benefits.


The studio features a full array of equipment to handle any job including full 4k capabilities, steady cams, drone, sound 


With years of award-winning still photograph experience and Photoshop expertise.

Video Production

Full production workflow from producer to editing and color grading make projects seamless.


About Scott

To coin a phrase, my career in photography has come full circle. Years ago, I embarked on my own, then formed a twenty-two year partnership, and then left that a few years back to return to my independent roots. The difference now is that now I my camera of choice is video and I am associated with some wonderful people in a studio that we share.

As for who I am, you will not find me on Facebook or Twitter because social media is not my thing. What I do love is spending time with others to create stories, which are honest, straightforward and reflect the generosity of spirit that I find in those who have opened their homes and workplaces to share their experiences. It represents a wonderful new challenge of a long career for which I could only hope years ago but like all things digital, the revolution has created this opportunity and once aboard I have never looked back. With every step has come a greater appreciation and respect for the process, not only of filming but even more importantly editing, sound reproduction and the mystery of color grading. And to share this process with the enthusiasm and creativity of others only makes this phase of my life in pictures more rewarding.

If I were on Facebook you would probably discover that I do things like enjoy biking, take mission trips to Nicaragua, volunteer in a food pantry, love NPR and PBS, passionate about football with the round ball, find NASCAR boring and Formula 1 mesmerizing, am politically engaged but have little tolerance for people who confuse opinions with facts, still think X-Files one of the best shows ever, Radiohead the best band of the last twenty years and am known to enjoy a Manhattan or two. Other than that, I am a pretty simple, if not boring, guy. But I do love the challenge of trying to create great work.

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