Guardians of Grace

Recently, I was fortunate to work again for one of my favorite clients, Grace Hill Settlement.  Originally established in 1903 by the Episcopal Diocese with the purpose of helping immigrant families to settle in the area, it’s mission has expanded to provide a host of integrated services to families in the areas they serve, so that they can become “stronger, healthier and more self-reliant”.  Located in north St. Louis, they have been a critical resource for the most disenfranchised.  To read about and admire such organizations from afar pales in comparison to witnessing their work first hand.  It not only reveals the passion of those who choose to dedicate their lives to helping others, often against the political tides, in a culture that often chooses evasion as the expedient method of confronting the overwhelming issues, but also the commitment of the volunteers, from students to board members, to making Grace Hill mission statement a reality.

Guardians of Grace is an award the organization presents to persons or companies who have shown a measure of devotion worthy of recognition.  There is one word that I would use to describe all the recipients….humility.  And given their remarkable achievements, that is rare and wonderful characteristic.